New Education Policy In India 2024

New Education Policy

New Education Policy

New Education Policy In India 2024


The education policy in India has not changed for a long time in the past, your father got the information your grandparents got and now you are studying. Changes in education policy will be critical to India’s development by 2022. The Modi government has introduced a new education policy. This educational policy is designed to provide exciting and rewarding benefits. In many places, this reduces the research burden on students.

New Education Policy
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This is the biggest change in the history of Indian education. The Ministry of Human Resources introduced a new education policy. In this article, we will provide you with information about the state’s education policy. We will also publish the 2022 National Education Policy. its changes and features.

We will also tell you about the new Indian education policy, what will be changing in the education system and how it will affect your child’s future in India. If you are a professional, your child will learn.

What is National Education Policy?

In the 20th year of the 21st century, a new education policy has come in India. Under the National Education Policy, the policy of education in schools and colleges is prepared. Many important changes have been made by the government in the New National Education Policy (NEP). The main reason for making changes in the new education policy is to make India a superpower in the global eye.

[ISRO] A new committee on education policy was formed under the chairmanship of Dr. K. Kasturirangan, and in May 2019, the Kasturirangan committee presented a new form of national education policy to the government. Which has been approved by the government during the cabinet meeting. This is the third education policy in India after the year 1986 which is going to be implemented in India. Under which many changes are being made in the education policy

Under the new education policy of India, education from pre-school to secondary school will be universalized with 100% GIR in school education by 2030 (Medical and law study is not included), You Now First 10+2 pattern was followed But New Curriculum will be divided on the basis of the educational system of 5+3+3+4 in place of 10+2 model currently prevailing. A target of investment of the central and state government has also been set for the new education policy 2021, in which the central and state government will invest in the education sector equal to 6% of the country’s GDP for education sector cooperation.

Features of National Education Policy (NEP) 5+3+3+4 Structure

Under the New Education Policy 2022, education will be universalized, under which medical and law studies have not been included. It used to follow the 10 + 2 system in the earlier Indian education system, but now follows the 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 system in this new education system, under which 12 years of schooling is given with age 3. Pre-school education is also included. technical training also starts in Class VI.

Under the National Education Policy 2020, every effort is being made to make the educational curriculum flexible. If a student wants to study another course in the middle of that academic course due to lack of interest in any educational course, then he can join the second course after stopping from his first course for a certain period of time. Under the new education policy, the undergraduate course can be extended from 3 to 4 years in which students will be provided with multiple choices. The degree will be awarded to the students according to the proper certificate of all these multiple choices.

National Testing Agency will conduct Common Entrance Test for admission of students in all higher education institutions so as to build up the standard of education. Under the new education policy, the Higher Education Commission of India has been given 4 verticals. In which the National Higher Education Regulatory Council, Higher Educational Council, Journal Education Council and National Accreditation Council have been kept. Focus on online learning to reduce reliance on textbooks.

Benefits of India’s new education policy

  • Sanskrit and the ancient Indian language play an important role in the study, Sanskrit is also promoted in the field of IIT, and interested students can study other subjects only in Sanskrit.
  • Board exams will also be much easier. In the past, when students were given board exams, they thought that only two or three months of board preparation had been learned, this practice was abolished, and now students are forced. The year-round study and board exams can be taken in two stages.
  • Apart from simplifying the studies, artificial intelligence software is also used in the study area to help students understand.
  • Along with offline classes, courses/courses will be made available to the students through online mode as well.
  • Autonomy of colleges will be exhausted in 15 years and a phased system will also be established for providing gradual assistance.

The 4 phases of the New Education Policy which are as follows:-

  1. Foundation Stage :- Children from 3 to 8 years are included in the Foundation Stage, in this stage there are three years of their own schooling and 2 years of schooling which includes classes I and II. In the Foundation Stage, students will be taught and focused on the development of language skills and teaching.
  2. preparatory stage :-  Under the preparatory stage, children of 8 to 11 years are included, under the preparatory stage, children from class 3 to class 5 will be involved and in this stage the teachers will aim at developing the language and numerical skills of the children. Children will be taught in the regional language up to the preparatory stage.
  3. Middle Stage :- Within this stage, children from class VI to VIII have been included, in which coding will be started from the children of class VI. All the children will be provided vocational test as well as business internship opportunities.
  4. Secondary Stage:- Under the secondary stage, children from class 9 to class 12 have been included, under the secondary stage, as children used to take science commerce and arts earlier, this facility has been abolished, under the secondary stage, children can take the subject of their choice. able to study further.

New Education Policy 2022 PDF Download

If you want to download the PDF issued by the government under the National Education Policy, then here we are giving you the link to download the National Education Policy pdf, on which you can get complete information about the National Education Policy.

Click Here To Download Hindi PDF

Click Here To Download English PDF

New Education Policy

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